Prevailing against uncertainty:
How boards build and sustain resilience

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8:15 am - 10:30 am


The Four Seasons, 10 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4AJ

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Prevailing against uncertainty: the board’s role in building resilience –

The Four Seasons, 10 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4AJ
Wednesday 8th March 2023 / 8:15 am-10.30am  

– Resilience is the core concept for boards this year, as multiple crises continue to unravel at home and around the world. The looming spectres of recession, talent shortages and geopolitical conflict combine to create one of the most challenging environments of recent times. Against this backdrop, boards are also managing the long-term task of responding to climate, and the other issues that make up the ESG agenda.

To help forge a route through these difficulties Board Agenda, is hosting a special breakfast briefing for board directors and senior corporate executives of UK PLCs and significant private companies. This is a complementary event hosted by Board Agenda with our partners Diligent and Mazars.

Bringing together experts from across the governance sector, the briefing will comprise two panel discussions: building resilience in the face of new and emerging risks and the evolution of ESG risk.

The first will ask how boards prioritise the risks they should address, how they build resilience, become more forward looking, navigate the downside, capitalise on opportunities, and manage the balance between short- and long-term concerns.

The second will take a deep dive into how boards can improve corporate resilience in the face of navigating ESG risks ranging from disclosure requirements to investor pressure and supply chain management, and the opportunities presented that can transform a business to be thriving, purpose driven and sustainable.

The turbulence facing businesses shows no sign of receding and boards contend with a slew of urgent new threats and opportunities. This Board Agenda breakfast briefing is designed to help boards find a way through.

Join us at this complimentary breakfast briefing for thought-provoking discussions and networking, delivered by senior board members and governance experts.

Registration is now open for this event. Spaces are limited so please do register your interest today, and our team will be in contact.

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