ESG Data & The Board:
How to Ensure Reliability & Accuracy of Information

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11:00 am - 11:45 am



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Boards are faced with a vast array of new ESG reporting demands. That’s to be expected: rule makers everywhere have chosen disclosure as the key tool to persuade companies to be cleaner and greener.

But it’s not only watchdogs. Investors, stakeholders, and credit providers are demanding more and more information about everything from carbon emissions to employee wellness and diversity among board members.

Getting the information right could make a difference to credit terms, attracting capital and public reputation. But there are real challenges to effective collection and analysis. The World Economic Forum says that while the use of real-time data is key to meeting ESG commitments, only a fraction of companies have dedicated software to help collection, analysis, and reporting.

But what kind of data is needed to meet all these reporting demands? How does a company identify the measures and benchmarks it will use? How does an organisation formulate a strategy for collection and analysis of the right information? And can AI (artificial intelligence) make a difference?

This webinar aims to answer these questions and more. A panel of leading experts from advisory and public companies will explore the management of ESG data, and how it is collected.

Chaired by editor Gavin Hinks, panel guests will discuss :

  • Why ESG data is now critical and who’s using it?
  • What data is required, what standards should be adhered to?
  • Where are the sources of the data ?
  • The policies, processes, and internal controls needed to ensure data quality.
  • The use of technology and AI to make data gathering more efficient and reliable.
  • The role of the board and governance structures to review and oversee ESG data.

Join this webinar and gain valuable insights about your approach to ESG data and how to meet the demands of stakeholders, investors and regulators.Register to join the webinar here. 

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