Theresa May, prime minister

22 January, 2018

PM reveals new sanctions for company leaders over pension deficits

Prime minister Theresa May has said the government is preparing new measures that will sanction company leaders who fail to protect employee pensions. In an article for The Observer newspa...
Theresa May, prime minister, UK

21 January, 2018

Brexit poses pensions threat despite PM’s crackdown, says Baroness

UK prime minister Theresa May has promised a crackdown on exe...
Theresa May, prime minister

8 December, 2017

UK’s draft new governance code has a social mission

There were no big condemnations, no one cried foul; the release of the F...
boardroom, closed doors, employees on boards, worker representation

20 November, 2017

There’s still everything to gain from having workers on boards

Through the debate on the government’s corporate governance proposals, a clear consensus has emerged that boards must invest in engaged relationships with their...
Theresa May, prime minister, UK

29 September, 2017

PM criticises Uber decision while lauding UK’s governance record

Theresa May has committed Britain to the highest levels of corporate governance while on the same day remarking that the removal of Uber's licence to trade in London was "disproportionate".
Theresa May, General Election 2017

1 July, 2017

Global risk: hotspots from the UK, US, Italy, Europe and Qatar

Politics — May limps on After a general election in early June failed to give any party an overall majority, the UK remains the developed nation facing the greatest political uncertainty. ...
UK parliament, London, House of Parliament

22 June, 2017

No corporate governance reform ‘talk’ in Brexit-focused Queen’s Speech

The focus on Brexit in the Queen’s Speech could be a bad sign for anyone waiting for...
Greg Clark, business secretary, governance reform

12 June, 2017

Greg Clark reappointed business secretary

Greg Clark, the business secretary charged with overseeing reform of corporate governance in the UK, has retained his position in a cabinet reshuffle following the general election last week. Thoug...
Polling station, general election

9 June, 2017

Doubts for governance reform in hung parliament

The future of corporate governance reform in the UK will be shrouded in uncertainty this morning as the general election produced no party with an overall majority. Theresa May's appeal to the Brit...
Theresa May

19 May, 2017

Tories commit to greater employee involvement in governance

The Conservative Party has made a public commitment to legislate for the inclusion of employee representatives in the running of listed companies. The party also commits itself to requiring companies...