Currency symbols on the sand of tax havens

12 May, 2020

MPs call for ban on state aid for firms using tax havens

The return to work may be dominating discussion in the UK at the moment but some politicians are attempting to use corporate governance as criteria for managing aid to large companies. The MPs, mos...
world map representing new capitalism, bail-outs

21 April, 2020

Government bail-outs indicate ‘shift in mindset’ towards societal purpose

Denmark’s recent statements on bail-outs for companies illustrates a trend seen widely at the moment: if companies want state aid they have to do right by the societies in which they do business. ...
Tax Builidng, The Hague, Netherlands, Dutch government

27 February, 2018

Dutch plan to counter ‘tax haven’ reputation

The Dutch government has launched measures to counter criticism of the state as a tax haven. According to reports in the press, the Dutch government will shut down a loophole which is currently use...