Internal meeting with colleagues sitting in a circle

20 July, 2021

Companies with CEOs that focus on culture ‘have higher growth rate’

Culture is considered an increasingly important issue inside organisations but research now suggests it is also a key growth factor. A survey from international search firm
Two CEOs looking out of office window

7 July, 2021

Two CEOs, no drama: ground rules for co-leadership

Leonard, the chairman of a global consumer goods company, was wondering what to do with the two co-CEOs running the firm. While it had seemed a great idea to have two individuals at the helm, this arr...
CEO looking at his tablet

1 July, 2021

Executive remuneration models ‘do not describe how pay is actually set’

New research suggests there is more going on under the surface of chief executive pay deals than is commonly understood. One of the most significant findings is that CEOs are less concerned by the ove...
Covid-19 crisis and stock market prices

30 June, 2021

OECD warns that Covid-19 requires a governance response

The global pandemic will require a governance response to ensure the corporate landscape can be rebuilt sustainably, according to the OECD. And that response will include better disclosure of risk,...
Pile of blocks with regulation on top

28 June, 2021

The regulator’s dilemma: finding a balance between trust and compliance

"Of course, I knew what was happening!" said the regulator with regard to a particularly sensitive concern. "I knew which of these companies was at risk. I was clear who was, and who was not responsib...
King chess piece and pawns

3 June, 2021

Do CEOs matter?

As a young man of 20 in his first job at a state-owned enterprise in China, Guoli Chen found sen...
Businessman holding a compass

28 May, 2021

The challenges of balancing purpose with performance

Over the past few years, we have seen considerable changes in behaviour from a large portion of the providers of capital. An increase in responsible investing coupled with more forceful stewardship pr...
Tiger eyes on black background

20 May, 2021

Taming the tiger: how investors are tackling inflation in executive pay

The two standard academic approaches to executive pay are optimal contracting theory, which has it roots in Jensen and Meckling's 1976 paper on managerial behaviour and agency costs, and the manageria...
businessman in a maze

20 May, 2021

Implementing strategic change at a time of uncertainty

Covid-19 has left organisations operating in an uncertain world. Boards and employees alike have faced a volatile, complex and ambiguous environment, promising only a challenging future and little gui...
Shell logo outside a petrol station

19 May, 2021

Shell ‘say on climate’ vote set to fuel further campaigns

Shell survived its first “say on climate” shareholder vote this week with mixed results. While the 89% vote in favour of the energy giant’s climate action plan looks big enough to stifle dissent...