stressed CEO at his desk, mental health

4 May, 2020

Poor mental health ‘associated with greater CEO turnover’

Mental health is frequently in the news, mostly in the context of efforts to help those who find themselves suffering. In corporates, however, researchers have found that some effort is also expended ...
shareholder vote, shareholder dissent

13 November, 2019

ISS policy change puts nomcos under pressure to boost gender diversity

The chairs of UK nomination committees (nomcos) could face the ire of shareholders over gender diversity on their boards after proxy advisers
Magnifying glass on CVs

21 October, 2019

Due diligence in recruitment requires the human touch

Malcolm Gladwell, the popular social science writer whose works include Blink, Outliers and The Tipping Point, has a new book out. In his latest bestseller Talking to...
non-executive directors waiting for an interview

17 October, 2019

What makes a successful non-executive director?

The role of non-executive director may be unique in having a job title that describes what the job isn’t, rather than what it is. Awkward and downbeat though the title may be, it does serve to empha...
financial services CEO, technology

9 August, 2019

Financial services CEOs ‘lack technology expertise’

Do financial services companies need chief executives with a background, or expertise, in technology? As a sector increasingly dependent on advanced technologies to maintain links with its vast cus...
business ethics

27 September, 2017

Personal moral values key to ethical corporate governance

Corporate governance scandals across the globe have led many to ask, “Where were the directors?” The usual response to corporate governance failure is increased regulation. Governments typically r...

3 November, 2015

Critical distance

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boardroom, chairman, chair

23 September, 2015

Should it be lonely to be a CEO?

It is a well-worn cliché of leadership that it’s lonely at the top. Prime ministers, presidents, generals and the stars of sport, stage and screen—not to mention chief executives—have all obser...

2 September, 2015

New beginnings

Brain bias.

23 August, 2015

Brain bias: Think before your next appointment

So, that’s it, you got the call. You have been asked to join a board. You do a quick internet search before accepting. You find plenty of articles recommending that you do your due diligence: check ...