Two leaders looking out of office window

7 September, 2021

All-rounder CEOs ‘outperform those with specific industry knowledge’

While there is a debate as to whether companies should hire chief executives with specific industry knowledge or all-rounders, there is little to explain why a board should jump one way or another. ...
non-executive directors waiting for an interview

13 August, 2021

How to onboard directors so they hit the ground running

With many boards operating in crisis mode and remotely due to the pandemic, it’s vital new directors are able to make a meaningful contribution to board deliberations from the start of their tenure....
Two leaders looking out of office window

3 August, 2021

Smaller boards are more likely to choose generalist chief executives

Sometimes CEO selection can seem like a mystery to outsiders, a game of hit and miss, an art more than a science. New research, however, sheds light on the process: smaller boards tend to pick general...
Diverse leadership team members

10 June, 2021

How to boost diversity in your company’s leadership team

Calls for greater inclusion and diversity (I&D) across business and institutions are continuing to grow on both sides of the Atlantic, with the public and investors demanding action on race inequa...
King chess piece and pawns

3 June, 2021

Do CEOs matter?

As a young man of 20 in his first job at a state-owned enterprise in China, Guoli Chen found sen...
Group of colleagues in the sun

30 March, 2021

The group dynamics that define well-functioning boards

From the outside, it’s not so difficult to distinguish well-functioning corporate boards from problem-plagued ones. Healthy, successful boards are those that make wise decisions, within a reasonable...
Superhero CEO overlooking the city

23 March, 2021

Do we overestimate the impact of CEOs on company performance?

Do CEOs really affect company performance? Many would argue that they don’t, and that companies would get along just fine without the intervention of a high-flying, exhorbitantly paid chief executiv...
Black businesswoman looking out over the city

26 January, 2021

WEF launches coalition to ‘put racial equality on the board agenda’

Saadia Zahidi, managing director of the World Economic Forum (WEF), points out this poignant fact: just 1% of Fortune 500 companies are led by Black chief executives. She highlighted the statistics th...
Red baubles on a Christmas tree

21 December, 2020

The Secret NED: a non-executive is not just for Christmas

With more and more emphasis on the importance of diversity in board c...
A group of directors in a boardroom

2 December, 2020

Shareholder pressure gets women directors on US boards

Much research has argued the business case for gender diversity on boards. But it is pressure applied by big shareholders that seems to have progressed the cause of women in US boardrooms. New rese...