Paper dolls in a line

23 July, 2021

Stubborn group of ‘bubble-bound’ boards ‘do not treat diversity as a priority’

The drive towards diverse boardrooms has hit a stumbling block: new evidence suggests that the message has failed to reach more than half of boards. Recently completed research finds that before th...
Internal meeting with colleagues sitting in a circle

20 July, 2021

Companies with CEOs that focus on culture ‘have higher growth rate’

Culture is considered an increasingly important issue inside organisations but research now suggests it is also a key growth factor. A survey from international search firm
Board members looking at corporate reports

5 July, 2021

Good governance boosts companies’ CSR performance

There is much talk about companies improving their treatment of the environment and people—what is often called corporate social responsibility (CSR). And there has been much debate about how this c...
CEO looking at his tablet

1 July, 2021

Executive remuneration models ‘do not describe how pay is actually set’

New research suggests there is more going on under the surface of chief executive pay deals than is commonly understood. One of the most significant findings is that CEOs are less concerned by the ove...
Diverse leadership team members

10 June, 2021

How to boost diversity in your company’s leadership team

Calls for greater inclusion and diversity (I&D) across business and institutions are continuing to grow on both sides of the Atlantic, with the public and investors demanding action on race inequa...
Piles of coins with plants in ascending order

8 June, 2021

UK and EU companies lead the US on ESG targets in pay deals

When it comes to building environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into executive pay deals, UK and EU companies appear to be well ahead of their US counterparts. A survey reveals that a ...
Man giving a star rating

7 June, 2021

Ranking companies by corporate governance scores ‘improves standards’

Does ranking companies according to corporate governance scores improve their standards? According to new research it does. A pair of academics looked at the effects of grading companies across Asi...
Businessman looking at audit figures

6 June, 2021

Finance chiefs fear audit reforms will cause increase in costs

Proposed audit reforms will increase operating costs for companies, according to new research. A survey of 250 finance chiefs, audit specialists and risk managers at UK-listed companies reveals 43%...
CEO looking over a cityscape at daybreak

13 May, 2021

Leaders confident of Covid comeback but doubt their abilities in digital

Optimism may be growing that there is a future for business beyond the pandemic, but confidence among C-suite members also appears to have wilted over the past year. Recent research appears to show th...
Patricia Harned

12 May, 2021

Ethics chief Patricia Harned: ‘Retaliation has a silencing effect on culture’

Retaliation at work against whistleblowers is “off the charts,” during the pandemic, according to the leader of the biggest business ethics body in the US. Patricia Harned, chief executive of t...