Steven Baert

21 May, 2018

Culture at heart: Steven Baert, Novartis

Launch into a conversation about culture change at Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Novartis with Steven Baert, the company’s head of human resources, and you get a swift response. He’s happy with prog...
culture, corporate culture

26 February, 2018

Corporate culture: concept into focused action

Culture is one of the biggest business buzzwords of our time. A decade since the 2008 financial crisis discredited “shareholder value” as a sole justification of business action, cor...
Vasant Narasimhan, Novartis

6 September, 2017

Novartis appoints new chief executive as Jimenez retires

Swiss medical company Novartis has appointed Vasant Narasimhan to replace Joseph Jiminez as chief executive from February 2018. Jiminez, who had previously headed up Heinz, will retire after eight ...