Dutch Parliament, The Hague, Netherlands

4 July, 2018

Institutional investors’ group publishes Dutch stewardship code

An association of pension funds, insurers and asset managers have developed the Netherlands’ first stewardship code, emphasising the role shareholders can play in creating long-term value creation i...

15 June, 2018

Unilever likely to part company with FTSE 100 index

Unilever is unlikely to remain part of the FTSE 100 once it simplifies its dual structure to a single headquarters in the Netherlands, disappointing investors with portfolios linked to the London Inde...
ING, ING bank

13 March, 2018

ING banking group scraps pay rise for CEO after public outcry

Dutch banking group ING has withdrawn plans to give its chief executive a 50% pay rise because of opposition from customers, employees and other stakeholders, including the minister of finance. “...
Tax Builidng, The Hague, Netherlands, Dutch government

27 February, 2018

Dutch plan to counter ‘tax haven’ reputation

The Dutch government has launched measures to counter criticism of the state as a tax haven. According to reports in the press, the Dutch government will shut down a loophole which is currently use...
Dutch Parliament, The Hague, Netherlands

20 September, 2017

Dutch directors’ association calls for trust-based governance

The Dutch Association of Directors has written to the Dutch government urging for a new approach to corporate governance that is based on trust rather than on mistrust, allowing companies to seize opp...
The Hague, Den Haag

18 September, 2017

Long-term value at heart of revised Dutch governance code 

The Netherlands has approved a revised corporate governance code that gives a central role to long-term value creation and the development of corporate culture to promote good corporate governance. ...
Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Dutch companies, Netherlands, female quotas

6 September, 2017

Dutch company boards failing to meet female quotas

The number of women with executive positions on the boards of Dutch companies has fallen for the second year running, leaving many of them short of the targets set by the Netherlands government and th...