Man looking ahead with business data behind him

17 September, 2021

How resilience reporting could help firms meet future challenges

Proposals that come as part of an effort to overhaul audit and governance ask corporate leaders to master a new discipline: reporting on their business prospects long into the future in a “resilienc...
Businessman looking a regulation checklists

6 August, 2021

Audit reform 2021: implications for board oversight of risk management

Company directors should “think twice,” before issuing dividends once proposed new reporting requirements come into force, according to an expert observer. Speaking in a Board Agenda p...
Auditor examining accounts

13 May, 2021

How government proposals aim to rebuild faith in UK audit and auditors

After years of waiting, auditors and boards were presented in March with the
Illustration of a computer processing chip

29 April, 2021

Why businesses should optimise supply chains for resilience, not just cost

New Year 2021 brought unwelcome news for the world’s automotive industry: a global shortage of semiconductor chips, which these days are essential components in modern vehicles. The cause? Manufactu...
Employee returning to the workplace holding a mask

8 March, 2021

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected board strategy?

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns have brought about enormous changes to economies around the world, forcing boards of companies both big and small to review their strategy. Board Agenda...
Brain showing AI in processes

15 January, 2021

Firms forge ahead with AI adoption despite a lack of skills on boards

More than two-thirds of boards intend to approve the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the next year, although there appear to be significant hurdles to successful integration. The ...
Board meeting in a forest

11 December, 2020

It’s time for sustainability to be the big issue in the boardroom

The European Commission’s recent motion for a European Parliament resolution to set out concrete obligations on sustainable governance for companies, and a new framework for defining company directo...
Rio Tinto

11 September, 2020

Governance week: Rio Tinto, ESG, climate risk, Aussie audit

Fallout for Rio Tinto The equivalent of going nuclear in governance is clearing out a company’s leadership. This week investors managed to detonate a bomb under Rio Tinto when the chief ex...
financial disclosures during covid pandemic

28 August, 2020

Corporate disclosures and investor relations ‘impaired by Covid-19’

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has posed many challenges for companies, but among the top concerns for audit committees has been corporate disclosures and the relationship with shareholders. Af...
Head shape with AI digital circuits

5 August, 2020

AI survey: how is your business integrating artificial intelligence?

Board Agenda's Corporate Leadership in AI & Emerging Technology Survey has been launched in partne...