Victoria's Secret bag

25 November, 2020

Collapse of Victoria’s Secret deal reveals weakness in M&A contracts

Victoria’s Secret, purveyor of luxury lingerie, made headlines this year when its sale to a private equity buyer was left indiscreetly crumpled on the floor because of the pandemic. Academics now ar...
Yellow umbrella in a crowd of black umbrellas

20 November, 2020

D&O litigation on the rise amid host of emerging risks

As bankruptcies mount brought on by the current crisis, so the risk of litigation against directors and officers (D&O) climbs. But it is not just the pandemic bringing potential problems to the do...
AI robot director looking at graph

13 October, 2020

Changes to company constitutions ‘could allow use of AI on the board’

The idea of robots driven by artificial intelligence taking a seat on boards has been in circulation for some years now. In the UK a major legal reform would be needed before a robot could be a “dir...
CSO with green tie and leaf in his top pocket

11 September, 2019

UK directors’ duties ‘include ESG responsibilities’ says legal expert

Debate over the precise implications of UK law on directors’ duties was given fresh legs this week with publication of a legal memorandum warning that failure to consider environmental, social and g...