21 June, 2017

Japan’s big corporates shift to provide AGM agendas online

Japanese firms are beginning to release the topics and agendas of their annual shareholders' meetings online, before they send them out by mail to investors. The development comes in response to grow...
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6 June, 2017

Japan’s investors prepare to report on voting practices

Investors in Japan are preparing to disclose how they vote at company AGMs in a significant development for the country's corporate governance.

31 December, 2016

2016: the governance year in review

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18 November, 2016

OECD committee gains new president and two new VPs

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24 October, 2016

Japan’s stewardship code faces low level corporate support

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1 July, 2016

Tokyo’s governance revolution

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7 June, 2016

Japan’s new governance code under pressure

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5 August, 2015

Toshiba apologises for scandal to Abe

Toshiba’s chief executive has apologised to the office of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for the accounting scandal that has enveloped the global technology giant.
Tokyo skyline, Japan

21 July, 2015

Toshiba CEO quits in accounting scandal

Toshiba’s CEO, Hisao Tanaka, and several other senior officials have resigned from their roles in an accounting scandal. An independent inquiry found that the CEO had been aware that the company ...
Tokyo skyline, Japan

16 June, 2015

Toyota takes flack for new class of stock

Carmaker Toyota has won approval for a new class of stock that critics complain is not in the spirit of Japanese corporate governance reforms intended to strengthen the role of shareholders. Known ...