Businessman voting electronically

7 September, 2021

Europe sees 18% increase in shareholder revolts on executive pay

Across Europe investors are unhappy about executive pay. Indeed, recent research reveals that the number of shareholder revolts (defined as a vote of 10% or more of stockholders) against remuneration ...
Speech bubble with pound sign

18 August, 2021

What really determines CEO compensation?

What determines CEO pay? Researchers typically answer this question by building models and testing their predictions with data. We’ve learned a substantial amount from this research—some of which ...
Female CFO with financial data

4 August, 2021

Research reveals benefits of having a female chief financial officer

Much is written about gender differences in boardrooms, the headlines mostly won by discussion of whether female chief executives and non-executives might be at an advantage. New research however sugg...
BlackRock offices in San Francisco

27 July, 2021

BlackRock voting report reveals focus on independence and diversity

When it comes to voting against board directors, BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager, is most exercised by their lack of independence. The conclusion comes in the investment manager’s
shareholder vote, shareholder dissent

19 July, 2021

UK sees fall in number of shareholder votes against directors’ re-election

Board directors risk shareholders turning against their re-election for many reasons, but figures on voting patterns seem to suggest the pressure is easing. Analysis by Board Agenda reveal...
Climate action protest

15 July, 2021

Shareholder votes on climate action plans ‘more complex’ than expected

Energy giant Shell caused a sensation back in May with its “say on climate” proposal allowing shareholders to
Coins in a pile

2 July, 2021

Boardroom pay revolts are on the rise as investors seek restraint

Shareholder revolts over pay are on the rise. Figures from the Public Register of sh...
CEO looking at his tablet

1 July, 2021

Executive remuneration models ‘do not describe how pay is actually set’

New research suggests there is more going on under the surface of chief executive pay deals than is commonly understood. One of the most significant findings is that CEOs are less concerned by the ove...
People meeting in front of a green cityscape

8 June, 2021

Why we need to redesign AGMs for the era of ESG

In a world which is increasingly focused on responsible capitalism and environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, the role of AGMs has never been more important. Climate change, diversity, su...
Man giving a star rating

7 June, 2021

Ranking companies by corporate governance scores ‘improves standards’

Does ranking companies according to corporate governance scores improve their standards? According to new research it does. A pair of academics looked at the effects of grading companies across Asi...