corporate governance

3 November, 2017

View from the chair: Ken Olisa on good governance

For years, Conrad Black's view that an interest in good corporate governan...
good governance, corporate governance

18 October, 2017

Governance concerns the whole organisation, not just the board

The Institute of Directors' 2017 Good Governance Report is positive news for the FTSE100. The ...
Institute of Directors, IoD

2 August, 2017

Easing rules for sovereign-controlled listings ‘detrimental’ to governance

Plans to open up UK listing rules to attract sovereign-controlled companies are “opportunistic” and “could exert a detrimental impact” on its reputation for sound corporate governance, the Ins...
City of London, financial, banking

10 May, 2017

IoD calls for shareholders to have second vote on pay

The next government should introduce new laws giving shareholders a second vote, if there is a significant minority vote against a company's remuneration report, according to the UK's Institute of Dir...
Sports Direct, Keith Hellawell

10 March, 2017

Employee representative ‘will do little’ to fix Sports Direct governance

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14 January, 2017

Bye bye NED

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21 October, 2016

City figures back PM’s move to put workers in the boardroom

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19 September, 2016

Opening boardroom doors to employees

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Tesco, Tesco directors

7 September, 2016

Tesco comes bottom of governance index

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15 August, 2016

IoD prepares code for private companies

The UK’s Institute of Directors (IoD) is to publish a revised code of corporate governance for private companies and has reportedly called on the prime minister to endorse them. The move comes in...