25 May, 2018

Measures to protect stakeholders in insolvent firms proposed

Measures to reduce the risk of major company failure through poor governance or stewardship, and to strengthen the responsibilities of directors of firms in or approaching insolvency, have been propos...
Oil refinery

12 April, 2018

Former Afren chiefs disqualified as directors by Insolvency Service

Top directors of former FTSE 250-listed oil company Afren have been disqualified from running companies for 14 years. Osman Shahenshah, the former chief executive of Afren, and Shahid Ullah, former...
Greg Clark, business secretary, governance reform

20 March, 2018

UK directors and shareholders face tougher post-insolvency regulation

Punishing the bad behaviour of directors and recouping creditor funds during corporate insolvencies is the target for the UK government. A consultation by the Department for Business, Energy & ...