14 January, 2017

Governance leaders to produce guidance on UK board decision-making

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stakeholders, stakeholder engagement

13 January, 2017

Project launches to improve boardroom understanding of stakeholders

Company secretaries are to work with investors to improve the involvement of employees and stakeholders in the decision-making of company boards. ICSA and the Investment Association are to work on ...

12 December, 2016

Ethnic diversity in the boardroom falls

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14 September, 2016

BHS fiasco prompts better private company governance

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2 September, 2016

ICSA questions strengthening of shareholder rights

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Cybercrime, data protection, GDPR, cybersecurity

23 August, 2015

Crime fighters

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28 July, 2015

Diversity’s strategic imperative

More than four years after the UK government’s launch of an initiative to raise the number of female non-executive directors in FTSE 100 boardrooms—and thereby prove to the European Union that it ...