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12 May, 2021

Dual-class shares threaten shareholder democracy and good governance

We could be forgiven for thinking that the proposed changes to the London listing rules following
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11 May, 2021

Hill Review proposals could trigger fight to block FTSE dual-class shares

Debate over dual-class shares is unlikely to end with their introduction, says a leading academic, with the argument shifting to demand that companies who introduce such shares should be blocked from ...
Stock exchange board

16 April, 2021

Governance safeguards ‘detrimental’ to dual-class share proposals

The debate about dual-class shares for premium listings on the London Stock Exchange usually revolves around those who think they are a good idea and those who say they rob shareholders of a voice. Ne...
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4 March, 2021

Dual-class shares come a step closer in the UK as Lord Hill issues review

London has moved closer to the introduction of dual-class shares. Though contentious, a new report