Greenwashing emissions from a chimney

16 August, 2021

Boards need to stop ESG greenwashing and recognise reputational threats

The profile of business-wide environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability initiatives are being increasingly driven by stakeholder demands for action on climate change and global catastr...
Laptop showing box ticking

9 March, 2020

EcoDa warns that sustainability standardisation ‘promotes box-ticking’

The European Union is attempting to improve non-financial reporting, but it has already received a warning. Indeed, officials have been told that standardisation of company information and metrics pri...
Laptop showing green sustainability reports

21 January, 2020

Narrow sustainability reporting boundaries ‘can amount to greenwashing’

The use of data is always contentious and so it proves with measures of sustainability. According to a new study, FTSE 100 companies