Doing business in Germany

11 December, 2019

Want to do business in Germany? Make sure you know the rules

As uncertainty over Brexit continues, it’s no surprise to learn that British companies are looking to set up shop abroad. One popular destination is Germany. Indeed, Christian Krumb, head of lega...
German Reichstag, Germany

12 September, 2019

Campaigners call for German supply chain law to protect human rights

German companies face calls for a new supply chain law designed to protect against environmental and human rights abuses in the production of the goods and services they buy. This week a coalition ...
whistleblower, whistleblowing, whistle, red card, yellow card

29 March, 2019

What boards need to know about whistleblowing

Big corporate scandals have made whistleblowing a headline topic. From Danske Bank to the Panama Papers, whistleblowers have thrown a spotlight on problematic behaviour. Politicians and regulators ...
Korea, North Korea, South Korea

9 February, 2018

Risk hotspots: a global roundup

Politics — Korea There cannot be a trickier relationship in world politics than the one between North and South Korea. The two appeared to edge clos...
Carsten Kengeter, Deutsche Börse

27 October, 2017

Deutsche Börse CEO quits amid insider dealing investigation

Deutsche Börse's chief executive Carsten Kengeter has announced his resignation amid controversy surrounding an investigation for insider dealing. Kengeter will leave the exchange at the end of th...
German Federal Court of Justice, Germany

19 September, 2017

Germany: compliance management system can reduce fines, court rules

Establishing a compliance management system which aims to stop legal breaches can reduce fines under Section 30 of the Administrative Offences Act, the German Federal Court of Justice has ruled in a l...
teamwork, Mittelstand companies

11 July, 2017

Mittelstand companies: secrets behind their success

The strength of Germany’s mid-cap industrial companies has been the envy of countries around the world for decades. But there are corporate governance challenges ahead if the so-called “Mittelstan...
Maternity, maternity protection, pregnant businesswoman, gender equality

11 July, 2017

Germany: New equal pay and maternity protection laws approved

New laws to reduce gender-based pay inequality and improve maternity protection in Germany have been approved by the German Federal Government. The Pay Transparency Act, which came into force in Ju...
German government building Berlin, German law, Germany

1 July, 2017

Germany: New proceeds of crime law implemented

Recent law reform in Germany aims to simplify rules on the confiscation of assets resulting from criminal offences, and to transpose the EU Directive on the Freezing and Confiscation of Instrumentalit...
euro banknotes, remuneration, executive pay

21 June, 2017

Germany to bring into force remuneration transparency law

A new law giving employees in Germany rights to information about the pay of co-workers will be introduced on 1st July. The law will impose new reporting requirements on companies to reveal how they...