Team working from home due to Covid-19

28 May, 2020

How will Covid-19 impact diversity in UK business?

Most now agree that we will be entering a "new normal" as we move out of the acute phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. For corporate UK, that may mean pivoted business models being made (semi) permanent a...
Parker Review, diverse boardrooms

19 May, 2020

McKinsey diversity report highlights growing performance risk

There is a stark warning in the McKinsey report on diversity in business. Those companies that are the least gender diverse are 19% more likely to underperform on profitability. That’s up on the 15%...
gender pay gap, women in business

9 November, 2018

The gender pay gap is closing – but the UK is behind

There has been progress—of a sort—in gender pay. At the executive end of the spectrum, the pay gap has squeezed in the UK to 12.5%, compared with 21.5% in Leathwaite’s previous Pay Index study. ...
House of Parliament, House of Commons, House of Lords, select committee

3 August, 2018

MPs call for extension of gender pay gap reporting

The UK should extend the requirement for gender pay gap reporting to a broader range of companies, according to a report from an influential committee of MPs. Members of the House of Commons busine...

7 June, 2018

Female non-executive directors ‘expect less pay’ than males

Female non-executives are asking for much lower pay than their male counterparts, according to a new study. Research into the pay patterns of 6,000 senior operational staff and board members by Nor...
equal pay, gender pay gap

26 March, 2018

Companies warned of court action over gender pay gap reporting

Companies have been warned that they will face court action and potentially unlimited fines if they fail to comply with gender pay gap reporting requirements. The warning comes from the UK's Equali...

16 March, 2018

HSBC reveals gender pay gap of 60% but pledges to improve diversity

HSBC, one of the UK's most prominent financial institutions, has published an average gender pay gap of 60%. The bank's gender bonus gap is 84%. The bank admitted that it had fewer women in senior ...
Bronek Masojada, Hiscox

13 March, 2018

Hiscox reports an average gender pay gap of 31%

Hiscox, the FTSE 250 insurance company, has reported a gender pay gap of 26.2% on a median basis, and a 31.1% mean figure. The company's bonus pay gaps were, however, bigger: 49.5% median and 71.1%...
gender pay gap, gender diversity, women on boards

12 March, 2018

Top paid jobs dominated by men fourfold, HMRC reveals

Figures released by the UK government reveal that there are almost four times as many men on top pay as there are women. According to statistics released by HM Revenue & Customs, 618,000 men re...

6 March, 2018

Remuneration issues under scrutiny after gender pay gap reports

One in three organisations that have gone through the process of writing gender pay gap reports are also looking to confront pay imbalances, a survey has found. The poll found that 32% of companies...