mergers, M&A, teamwork

5 June, 2018

European Court of Justice provides guidance on merger ‘gun-jumping’

Guidance on “gun-jumping”—a failure by merging parties to comply with the “standstill obligation”, which prohibits them from taking any steps to implement their merger before clearance from ...
holiday pay, annual leave, remuneration

29 November, 2017

Landmark ruling on holiday pay could prove costly for business

Employees who are wrongly classified as self-employed contractors can claim back pay in respect of unpaid annual leave going back many years when their “worker” status is established, the European...
Paris, France

6 October, 2017

French Constitutional Court rules on dividend distributions tax

The 3% tax on dividend distributions is unconstitutional, the French Constitutional Court has held in a landmark ruling. The case involving a group led by the AFEP (L'Association fran...
EU jurisdiction, EU law, Europe

12 September, 2017

EU merger ruling for new joint ventures ‘welcome’

The creation of a joint venture (JV) between two or more companies, using a company that was previously controlled only by one parent, is not subject to EU Merger Regulation (EUMR) where the resulting...