European Union, EU

13 March, 2018

EU: new transparency rules for tax advisers agreed

New transparency rules for intermediaries—such as tax advisers, accountants, banks and lawyers, who design and promote tax-planning schemes for their clients—have been agreed by EU member states. ...
fintech, financial technology, EU, euro, global currencies

12 March, 2018

EU launches fintech action plan to support business

The European Commission has introduced a financial technology action plan in a bid to become a centre of innovation for new technologies. It aims to increase cybersecurity and ensure integrity, and de...
Romanian Parliament

7 March, 2018

New Romanian corporate governance law ruled unconstitutional

A new law which removes corporate governance principles from more than 100 state-owned companies is unconstitutional, Romania’s Constitutional Court (CCR) has ruled....
data security, data protection

5 February, 2018

European Commission urges businesses to prepare for data protection law

Businesses must do more to prepare for the introduction of new data protection regulations, said the European Commission at the launch of new guidelines for the law’s implementation. According to...

5 February, 2018

EU lawmakers back plans for greater CO2 cuts in key sectors

The European Parliament’s environment committee has backed laws proposed by the European Commission for drastic CO2 emission cuts in the transport, farming, building and waste sectors. Emissions ...
anti-money laundering, AML, fraud

31 January, 2018

Money Laundering Directive bolstered to tackle terrorist financing

Despite last year’s scramble by EU member states to implement the Fourth Money Laundering Directive, EU bodies have already released plans for further changes to the EU’s anti-money laundering fra...
trade secrets, trade secrets directive

27 January, 2018

Gearing up for the EU Trade Secrets Directive

EU member states have until 9 June 2018 to implement the 
EU flag, European Union, EU, shareholder rights directive

22 January, 2018

European Commission proposes new VAT reforms

New rules to give EU member states more flexibility to set VAT rates have been proposed by the European Commission. The EU's common VAT rules—agreed by all member states in 1992—are out of date...
Whistleblowers, Whistleblowing

15 November, 2017

Italy introduces law to protect whistleblowers

A new law designed to protect whistleblowers who report crimes or irregularities witnessed at their workplace in the public and private sectors has been approved by Italian lawmakers. Draft law C. ...

13 November, 2017

European Parliament adopts EU-wide whistleblowing recommendations

Recommendations on how whistleblowers could be better protected on an EU-wide basis have been adopted by the European Parliament. The non-legislative resolution, which was passed by 399 votes to 10...