14 August, 2020

Governance week: Covid business models, CEO pay, CSR, McDonald’s scandal

Covid-19 is bringing permanent change to the business world with big implications for models and governance, according to reports out this week. Let’s start with PwC, the professional services fi...
wind turbines, climate change, ESG, LGIM

25 September, 2019

PRI policy chief warns that capital markets ‘remain unsustainable’

“We haven’t yet seen the transition necessary,” says Will Martindale, head of policy and research at campaign group Pri...
impact investing, social impact, money

6 March, 2019

The growth of impact investing and the role of boards

According to data from Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), more than 450 investors allocated US$1.3trn to impact...
Statoil, Troll A oil platform

8 March, 2017

ESG issues see Norwegian oil fund divest from 210 companies

The world's largest sovereign wealth fund divested from 23 companies last year over environmental, social and governance considerations, with the total now rising to 210 over five years. The resul...
Electricity pylons

20 February, 2017

FTSE 100 wealth manager to seek more focus on ESG investment

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Electricity pylons

7 February, 2017

Trump will not derail ESG investment, say experts

Donald Trump's tenure in the White House is unlikely to end the growing trend in ESG investing, despite his attitude to climate change and the environment, according to a report in