Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, US corporate governance

9 January, 2020

Five myths and five realities about the role of shareholders

In August, the Business Roundtable, led by JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, issued a well-meaning but ultimately confusing statement about
stock market listings

18 November, 2019

The campaign for dual-class listings in London

Are dual-class shares on the agenda for UK stock markets? Some media outlets certainly seem to think so. Indeed, the Financial Times last week reiterated its belief that UK government has ...
London Stock Exchange, LSE

11 October, 2018

Balancing act: stock exchanges and dual-class shares

Stock exchanges form a critical component of the global financial market ecosystem, serving as gatekeepers linking companies to investors and as ...
dual-class shares

10 October, 2018

Conflicts of interest: the global fight over dual-class shares

There is a quiet battle underway in corporate governance that rages from New York all the way to the Far East. The battleground? Dual-class share...
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Stock Exchange

14 March, 2018

Goldman Sachs criticises Hong Kong’s dual class share limit

Goldman Sachs has suggested that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange may be making an error in limiting company founders to ownership of only 50% of dual class shares.
Hong Kong Stock Exchange, HKEX

28 February, 2018

Hong Kong Stock Exchange proposes allowing dual class shares

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has proposed allowing IPOs with "weighted voting rights", including dual class shares, in a package to reform corporate governance for the territory. The move is widely...
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30 March, 2017

Why one share, one vote is the best long-term investment option

The protection and enhancement of minority shareholder rights has been a long-standing focus of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN). As such, ICGN has long advocated a preference for...

3 February, 2017

Twitter faces calls for user ownership

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1 February, 2017

US investors reveal deadline for new governance principles

Listed companies in the US have been given 11 months to implement a set of new governance principles published this week by a coalition of the world's largest institutional investors. The six pr...

31 January, 2017

US investors look to end dual-class shares

A group of some of the biggest investors in the world are to campaign for an end to dual-class shares in a demand for a major overhaul of corporate governance.