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5 November, 2020

Dividend payouts set to resume after pandemic-related cuts

Dividends are coming back. That is the prediction at least of one piece of research after the pandemic caused hundreds of companies to cut their payouts. But boards are likely to be considering the et...
Coins representing dividend payments

20 July, 2020

UK dividends slashed by a ‘dizzying’ £22bn in Q2

The pandemic has had an emphatic impact on rewards for shareholders. A report this reveals that dividend payments in the UK were cut in the second quarter by a “dizzying” 57.2%, or £22bn. The ...
Currency symbols on the sand of tax havens

12 May, 2020

MPs call for ban on state aid for firms using tax havens

The return to work may be dominating discussion in the UK at the moment but some politicians are attempting to use corporate governance as criteria for managing aid to large companies. The MPs, mos...
people wearing face masks against Covid-19

20 April, 2020

Will Covid-19 accelerate the shift towards stakeholder governance?

Prior to the last financial crisis, the shareholder primacy model of corporate governance was unchallenged. Companies were run solely to the benefit of shareholders, with share price performance being...
executive pay

16 April, 2020

Asset managers urge restraint on executive pay during pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed executive pay back on the agenda of asset managers and they in turn are issuing fresh warnings to boards. This week saw two investment managers make a point of highlig...
businessman in a maze

9 April, 2020

Investors ‘expect boards to take a long-term view’ amid crisis

Investors expect boards to focus on a “long-term” approach to coping with the economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis, according to guidance from one of the largest groups of asset managers in the ...
City of London, financial, banking

26 March, 2020

FRC warns firms to be candid about prospects of corporate failure

The UK’s financial reporting regulator expects more companies to report “material uncertainties” about their future prospects in the coming reporting season and warned companies to be clear abou...
shareholder vote, shareholder dissent

28 May, 2019

Shareholders call for greater transparency on dividend policies

Shareholders have called for greater transparency on dividend policies following a review that found one in five companies are failing to stage an annual vote on dividend payouts, or are simply making...
City of London, financial markets, ftse100, corporate governance

4 July, 2018

Dividends looking more ‘sustainable’, for now

Dividend cover, a measure of dividend sustainability, has reached a three-year high as profits among the UK's largest 350 companies rose much faster than dividend payouts. A survey revealed that wh...

2 July, 2018

UK plc hits record debt levels

The debt level of UK-listed companies has soared to a record high, beyond pre-credit crisis levels, according to the first annual debt monitor survey by Link Asset Services UK. At £390.7bn, the le...