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6 June, 2017

Singapore sees rise of female board directors overall

Singapore, a country that has a reputation in Asia for its male-dominated corporate boards, has experienced a slight improvement in the number of female board directors. According to the latest rep...
Diversity, ethnic minority pipeline

30 May, 2017

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to boosting diversity and business growth  

Many employment experts, career gurus and companies have been quick to bang the drum for diversity and inclusion. Yet evidence from recent government-backed reports such as the

14 January, 2017

2017: Key issues in the year ahead

Simon Osborne, chief executive, ICSA: The Governance Institute Corporate governance generally will be high on the agenda in 2017, given the UK government’s green paper on the subject. We e...
Sir John Parker

6 December, 2016

View from the chair: Sir John Parker

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5 October, 2016

Women bring under-represented skills to boards

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16 August, 2016

10 questions for building a board

As the board’s role continues to evolve in the wake of the financial crisis, board composition — the "right" number of board members with appropriately diverse skills and experience — is...

16 August, 2016

America’s boardroom diversity crisis

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diversity, BAME

18 July, 2016

Race and ethnicity perceived as barrier to boardrooms

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28 June, 2016

Diversity disclosure improvements in US required, says financial watchdog

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