Alert from a ransomware attack

27 May, 2021

The new reality of ransomware attacks: better targeted, more damaging

The Sophos State of Ransomware 2021 report, an independent survey of 5,400 IT managers in...
Businessman pressing a cybersecurity lock

30 March, 2021

Experts highlight cybersecurity risk amid the pandemic

Cybersecurity is emerging as a key issue during the pandemic, with a host of reports and organisations moving to stress its importance to boards. The World Economic Forum (WEF) throws a spotlight o...
cybersecurity, hacking, cybercrime, ransomware

9 July, 2019

Ransomware warning as cybercriminals target large companies

While many commentators exuberantly laud current advances in technology, others are learning that the digital age comes with some serious downsides. Indeed, in the past week alone ransomware—a form ...
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9 January, 2017

Boards face ‘industrialisation’ of cyber-threat

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25 October, 2016

Companies that report on value for stakeholders lauded

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10 August, 2016

Data and the law

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1 June, 2016

The true cost of cyber breaches

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Cybercrime, data protection, GDPR, cybersecurity

23 August, 2015

Crime fighters

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