CEO wearing face mask

20 September, 2021

Covid causes fall in CEO pay—but excessive earnings remain an issue

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the High Pay Centre. We were founded with the purpose of focusing on the state of pay at the top of the income scale and the causes and consequences of econo...
Risk warning sign on computer code

25 August, 2021

Accountancy professionals can help boards to rethink risk

The past two years will be defined in history as one of the fastest changing and riskiest periods seen in a generation. Alongside the coronavirus, business and society also face huge existential risks...
Remote board meeting

9 August, 2021

Why remote board meetings will survive the Covid pandemic

I know we’re all supposed to be fed up with remote board meetings. A quick check on Google for "Zoom fatigue" shows there are a lot of people who are sick to the back teeth of video calls. Zoom f...
Covid-19 crisis and stock market prices

30 June, 2021

OECD warns that Covid-19 requires a governance response

The global pandemic will require a governance response to ensure the corporate landscape can be rebuilt sustainably, according to the OECD. And that response will include better disclosure of risk,...
CEO looking over a cityscape at daybreak

13 May, 2021

Leaders confident of Covid comeback but doubt their abilities in digital

Optimism may be growing that there is a future for business beyond the pandemic, but confidence among C-suite members also appears to have wilted over the past year. Recent research appears to show th...
CEO in a board meeting

5 May, 2021

The post-Covid recovery demands ‘context-conscious’ leadership

Context is an often overlooked but crucial issue affecting leadership decision-making at all levels. And in a post-Covid world where the leadership focus is organisational reconstruction rather than r...
AGM season via remote technology

13 April, 2021

AGM season will see focus on reporting, remuneration and communication

This year’s AGM season is fixed firmly in the context of a world still reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic impact of successive lockdowns.
Construction workers on a building site

18 March, 2021

Covid-19 is forcing us to rethink responsible approaches to business

The race to find Covid-19 vaccines is still far from over, yet there is cautious optimism that we will gradually return to normality during 2021. It is however already evident that companies with robu...
Businessman looking at Covid-19 risk management dashboard

18 March, 2021

Risk management lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, organisations and risk management professionals have responded in a variety of ways to limit the impact to their operations. Whilst some have reacted quickly, demonst...
Kevin Clark, Aptiv CEO

16 March, 2021

Aptiv CEO Kevin Clark on the effective integration of corporate purpose

The pandemic was a huge test for Aptiv, a company named one of the world’s most ethical corporations...