BlackRock offices in San Francisco

27 July, 2021

BlackRock voting report reveals focus on independence and diversity

When it comes to voting against board directors, BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager, is most exercised by their lack of independence. The conclusion comes in the investment manager’s
Climate action protest

15 July, 2021

Shareholder votes on climate action plans ‘more complex’ than expected

Energy giant Shell caused a sensation back in May with its “say on climate” proposal allowing shareholders to
Climate disclosures warning sign

12 July, 2021

Directors’ duties: more enforcement needed to drive action on climate

Directors’ duties are currently the focus of intense debate, and even
Exxon Mobil logo

17 June, 2021

Boardroom coup at ExxonMobil is a global governance earthquake

In the end money talks, like it always does. If you skip through the financial and business pages of the newspapers as you head for the sport, or are still half asleep when Dominic O’Connell gives u...
Shell logo

2 June, 2021

Shell climate plan ruling holds lessons for investors

The oil industry experienced a landmark moment last week. A Dutch court ruled that Shell’s climate action plan fell far short of what was expected. And while the fossil fuel industry may be looking ...
Water drop and ripples

28 May, 2021

Liquid asset: corporate boards and water risk management

Understanding water risk and making informed board decisions is imperative to protecting the long-term interests of companies. With the effects of climate change on the rise, now is the time for board...
Shell logo outside a petrol station

19 May, 2021

Shell ‘say on climate’ vote set to fuel further campaigns

Shell survived its first “say on climate” shareholder vote this week with mixed results. While the 89% vote in favour of the energy giant’s climate action plan looks big enough to stifle dissent...
Board meeting in a forest

4 March, 2021

Three ways for the board to enhance its climate competency

It's no surprise that climate change impacts such as extreme weather have the potential to disrupt a corporation's supply chain, making it more challenging for them to obtain the resources and materia...
Green skyscrapers against a blue sky

4 February, 2021

How boards can steer companies to ‘build back better’

When the history of the Covid-19 pandemic is written, it will no doubt note how, in one fell swoop, the bug accomplished something humanity had long struggled to do:
Team of people linking hands at sunrise

29 January, 2021

Why 2021 is a year of opportunity for boards to build business resilience

The IIRC’s founder and Chair Emeritus, Professor Judge Mervyn King, recently said that “business is a part of society, not apart from society”. This message has never been more relevant than in ...