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7 September, 2021

All-rounder CEOs ‘outperform those with specific industry knowledge’

While there is a debate as to whether companies should hire chief executives with specific industry knowledge or all-rounders, there is little to explain why a board should jump one way or another. ...
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24 May, 2021

Lutz Schüler and Patricia Cobian to take CEO and CFO roles at merged mobile firm

The UK Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) has given its approval to the merger of Virgin Media and O2, which will see Lutz Schüler appointed as chief executive officer and Patricia Cobian as c...
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23 March, 2021

Do we overestimate the impact of CEOs on company performance?

Do CEOs really affect company performance? Many would argue that they don’t, and that companies would get along just fine without the intervention of a high-flying, exhorbitantly paid chief executiv...
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15 August, 2018

Chief executive pay up 11%, despite rising opposition

Median pay for a FTSE 100 chief executive rose 11% in 2017, according to new research. The median pay for a CEO in the top 100 companies has now reached £3.93m per year, according to
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5 January, 2018

Fat Cat Thursday renews pressure over executive pay

The pressure on boards over executive pay was renewed yesterday when the day was declared "Fat Cat Thursday" by the UK's High Pay Centre, the day when the average pay of a FTSE 100 chief executive rea...
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5 January, 2018

Reputation of business improves since Brexit

Young people and Brexit could be the underlying reasons for an improvement in the reputation of business in the UK, according to research from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). The surve...
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31 October, 2017

French trend sees merger of CEO and chairman roles

Research suggests that France may be going against the grain, with many companies choosing to combine the chief executive and chairman roles. Figures reported from

13 February, 2017

What’s behind the rise in shareholder class actions?

Lately in Australia, there have been several

19 December, 2016

Overconfident CEOs are less socially responsible

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23 September, 2015

Should it be lonely to be a CEO?

It is a well-worn cliché of leadership that it’s lonely at the top. Prime ministers, presidents, generals and the stars of sport, stage and screen—not to mention chief executives—have all obser...