non-executive directors waiting for an interview

10 September, 2021

Kevin Davidson named as CEO of Norman Broadbent

Kevin Davidson has joined executive search and advisory firm Norman Broadbent as chief executive officer. Davidson was ...
UK motorway at night

7 September, 2021

John Flint named as CEO of the UK Infrastructure Bank

John Flint has been appointed as the first permanent chief executive of the UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB). He takes over from i...
Two leaders looking out of office window

7 September, 2021

All-rounder CEOs ‘outperform those with specific industry knowledge’

While there is a debate as to whether companies should hire chief executives with specific industry knowledge or all-rounders, there is little to explain why a board should jump one way or another. ...
Green figure on pile of counters

3 September, 2021

Introduction of dual-class shares could create ‘unsackable CEOs’

Controversy surrounding the introduction of dual-class shares for premium listings in the UK continues. One expert has opened a new front, writing that “irremovable directors”—something dual-cla...
Twitter icon on a smartphone

26 August, 2021

CEOs who post on social media ‘more likely to trade in their own stocks’

Social media has become a controversial tool. Observers need look no further than
James Saralis, CEO, NAHL Group

24 August, 2021

James Saralis named as chief executive of NAHL Group

UK legal services provider NAHL Group has announced the appointment of James Saralis as chief executive officer. Saralis...
non-executive directors waiting for an interview

13 August, 2021

How to onboard directors so they hit the ground running

With many boards operating in crisis mode and remotely due to the pandemic, it’s vital new directors are able to make a meaningful contribution to board deliberations from the start of their tenure....
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5 August, 2021

CEOs who play to type win the market

When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping for M&A targets. This year looks set to be a record year for mergers and acquisitions, with
Two leaders looking out of office window

3 August, 2021

Smaller boards are more likely to choose generalist chief executives

Sometimes CEO selection can seem like a mystery to outsiders, a game of hit and miss, an art more than a science. New research, however, sheds light on the process: smaller boards tend to pick general...
Internal meeting with colleagues sitting in a circle

20 July, 2021

Companies with CEOs that focus on culture ‘have higher growth rate’

Culture is considered an increasingly important issue inside organisations but research now suggests it is also a key growth factor. A survey from international search firm