women on boards, gender diversity

7 November, 2017

The barriers to getting more women on boards can be overcome

Much has been written in recent years about the advantages to companies of having diverse boards—diversity of thought, better stakeholder representation, different points of reference...
New NED in boardroom

24 December, 2016

The Secret NED: Welcome, Newbies

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2 September, 2015

New beginnings

Number One - first time.

24 August, 2015

Starting out

Never let enthusiasm overrule caution. It’s a good rule when considering any non-executive appointment but it’s absolutely essential for people considering their first role, says Andrew Kakabadse,...

24 August, 2015

So you want to chair an audit committee?

Where do you start? The requirement for a non-financial services company is that you can demonstrate "recent and relevant financial experience". This is generally interpreted to mean that you have ...
Brain bias.

23 August, 2015

Brain bias: Think before your next appointment

So, that’s it, you got the call. You have been asked to join a board. You do a quick internet search before accepting. You find plenty of articles recommending that you do your due diligence: check ...