Greenwashing emissions from a chimney

16 August, 2021

Boards need to stop ESG greenwashing and recognise reputational threats

The profile of business-wide environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability initiatives are being increasingly driven by stakeholder demands for action on climate change and global catastr...
Pile of blocks with regulation on top

28 June, 2021

The regulator’s dilemma: finding a balance between trust and compliance

"Of course, I knew what was happening!" said the regulator with regard to a particularly sensitive concern. "I knew which of these companies was at risk. I was clear who was, and who was not responsib...
businessman in a maze

20 May, 2021

Implementing strategic change at a time of uncertainty

Covid-19 has left organisations operating in an uncertain world. Boards and employees alike have faced a volatile, complex and ambiguous environment, promising only a challenging future and little gui...
Robot holding an apple

20 May, 2021

System error: why AI without humans is a governance challenge

Businesses are facing an Orwellian nightmare that few even recognise exists. As they become increasingly dependent on artificial intelligence, these same technology systems are increasingly being run ...
CEO in a board meeting

5 May, 2021

The post-Covid recovery demands ‘context-conscious’ leadership

Context is an often overlooked but crucial issue affecting leadership decision-making at all levels. And in a post-Covid world where the leadership focus is organisational reconstruction rather than r...
Employee returning to the workplace holding a mask

10 September, 2020

Not business as usual: returning to the workplace after the pandemic

Among the many challenges facing organisations in the wake of Covid-19 is the question of how to effectively communicate with staff about the "when and if" of returning to the workplace. There’s ...
AI in the workplace

20 July, 2020

Computer says no: the risks of AI in the post-pandemic digital workplace

The coronavirus pandemic has created an opportunity for companies to rapidly advance the scope of their digital ambitions. Significant changes have already taken place in sectors including retail, tra...
fracture points in broken pot repaired with gold

19 June, 2020

Governance after the pandemic requires a stewardship approach

With lockdown now entering its fourth month, the deep longing for a return to normal is understandable as social distancing requirements continue to actively restrain the world’s economic recovery. ...
Woman signing up for remote learning on laptop

21 April, 2020

Remote possibilities: can you really learn leadership online?

After a key conference I was set to travel to was cancelled by the Covid-19 crisis I was persuaded to register for its alternative, an online "improving your decision-making" webinar. The promise o...
board tension

24 March, 2020

Boards must harness tension to succeed in a time of disruption

Research from international head hunting firm, Odgers Berndtson, reveals that only 15% of executives believe