AIG cyber claims

13 September, 2019

AIG Cyber Claims Intelligence Report – EMEA 2019

Business email compromise (BEC) has overtaken ransomware and data breach by hackers as the main driver of AIG EMEA cyber claims, according to the latest statistics. Professional services is now the...
ACCA, risk management

13 May, 2019

Risk and Performance: Embedding Risk Management

Board-level risk management activities vary in organisations as a result of internal and external factors. This new report from ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) highlights com...
Mazars, financial services, future-proofing

18 February, 2019

Future-Proofing Financial Services – Special Report 2019

Financial services firms are facing an unprecedented raft of challenges. The Future-Proofing Financial Services – Insight Report 2019, produced by Board Agenda in partnership with ...

21 May, 2018

When boards look to AI, what should they see?

Artificial intelligence (AI) warrants the close attention of the board because it presents opportunities when applied well and risks when applied badly. Organisations that successfully exploit AI can ...

13 March, 2017

Governing culture: practical considerations for the board and its committees

Corporate culture has been a hot topic for some time now, and boards are now asking themselves more than ever how they can ensure proper oversight. The board of directors is ultimately responsible for...

26 January, 2017

Preparing your organisation for the EU data protection reform – 2016

Whether you are part of a European company or a non-European company that trades or stores data inside Europe, it is likely that the new European data protection regulations coming into ...

26 January, 2017

The Hidden Costs of Board Books

Brainloop reveals the avoidable risk and cost of printed board meeting materials. FTSE 100 and 250 companies are burning a huge £40,581 a year developing and distributing board books. This infographi...

25 January, 2017

Corporate Culture and the Role of Boards

This report seeks to address how boards and executive management can steer corporate behaviour to create a culture that will deliver sustainable good performance. This report looks at the increasing ...
Nestor Advisors, Wells Fargo

23 January, 2017

Wells Fargo: what did the board have to do with it?

Yet another misconduct scandal has hit a major financial institution. This time the bank in question, Wells Fargo, was considered best in class having sailed through the financial crisis relatively un...

3 November, 2016

Business Services Outlook – 2015

Business Services Outlook 2015 examines current and anticipated trends likely to affect business services providers in 2015. Its aim is to inform strategic thinking in the sector and explain how the k...