Global Business Complexity Index

6 June, 2019

The Global Business Complexity Index 2019

The Global Business Complexity Index, sponsored by TMF Group, looks at the complexity of operating businesses in countries around the world. Since the 2018 report, the landscape has become more challe...
Compliance Complexity Index, TMF Group

11 September, 2018

The Compliance Complexity Index 2018

Compliance is becoming more important as a variable that senior decision-makers must consider when choosing international expansion locations. At the same time, legal and tax teams need to know what j...

21 May, 2018

When boards look to AI, what should they see?

Artificial intelligence (AI) warrants the close attention of the board because it presents opportunities when applied well and risks when applied badly. Organisations that successfully exploit AI can ...

26 April, 2017

Compliance and reporting under the EU Non Financial Reporting Directive: requirements and opportunities

New reporting rules require certain large EU companies to include in their management report a non-financial statement. The objective is to lay the foundation for a new model of corporate reporting th...

1 November, 2016

InfraRead: Issue 8 – September 2016

InfraRead is our biannual publication covering a range of legal and transactional issues relevant to the global transport and infrastructure space. In this issue, we look at Port develo...

1 November, 2016

Global Tax Insight: Issue 1

We are delighted to introduce our first issue of Global Tax Insight, our biannual publication in which we cover key topical tax issues from around the globe. Its timing could not have be...

31 October, 2016

EnergySource: Issue 17 – August 2016

We are delighted to introduce this seventeenth issue of EnergySource, our biannual publication in which we cover a range of legal and transactional issues relevant to the energy sector f...
Ashurst-Credit Funds-Issue 6

31 October, 2016

Credit Funds Insight: Issue 6 – The domino effect – May 2016

In our previous issue of Credit Funds INSIGHT, we put the spotlight on the sea change in non-bank lending, as banking monopoly restrictions began to be loosened across Europe. As 2016 is...