Path to Board Diversity – Diligent

10 October, 2019

The Path to Board Diversity

Diversity in the boardroom is now seen as good business practice—supporting enhanced decision-making, market understanding and employee engagement. Regulators and investors see the value in board di...
INSEAD: Board Chairs' Practices across Countries: Commonalities, Differences and Future Trends

22 March, 2018

Board Chairs’ Practices across Countries: Commonalities, Differences and Future Trends

In this new survey report, the research team conducted interviews with professional chairs in different parts of the world to identify and compare specific practices and instruments used in different ...

14 September, 2017

Directing Digitalisation: Guidelines for Boards and Executives

This new ICGI report analyses the need for digitalization and its impact on boards and senior executives, with the aim of enlightening and supporting leaders in their digital journey, and gives 11 key...

25 January, 2017

Principles of Remuneration – October 2016

The Principles set out members’ views on the role of shareholders and directors in relation to remuneration and the manner in which remuneration should be determined and structured. We believe that ...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Guidance on Non-executive Director Remuneration – 2016

The ICGN Non-Executive Director Remuneration Guidelines (2016) replaces earlier guidance published in 2013 and sets out the ICGN’s position regarding remuneration structures for nonexecutive directo...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Guidance on Gender Diversity on Boards – 2013

This paper focuses on the roles of both shareholders and companies in promoting and supporting gender diversity on Boards. It should be viewed in the context of the ICGN Global Corporate Governance Pr...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Guidance on Executive Director Remuneration – 2016

Executive director remuneration is an important field of corporate governance, and is of relevance to companies and investors. Remuneration structures should provide meaningful and rigorous incentives...

3 November, 2016

ICGN Global Governance Principles – 2014, 4th Ed.

The ICGN Global Governance Principles describe the responsibilities of boards of directors and investors respectively, and aim to enhance dialogue between the two parties.

2 November, 2016

Executive Remuneration Working Group Final Report – July 2016

The Executive Remuneration Working Group was established by the Investment Association in the Autumn of 2015 as an independent panel to address the concern that executive remuneration has become too c...

1 November, 2016

The nomination committee – coming out of the shadows – May 2016

The impetus for this project, a collaboration between EY and ICSA: The Governance Institute, came from a shared view that the nomination committee plays a crucial role in the effective functioning of ...