Business Transformation:
The Post-Pandemic Priority

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As companies return to economies close to normal following the pandemic, many will face a need for business transformation.

Advances in technology, supply chain developments, a shift in consumer demands and increasing geo-political uncertainty have also expedited the need for organizations to firmly place business transformation on their agenda.

Ultimately the board must bear responsibility for a successful business transformation. How, though should board members drive change effectively throughout their organisation?

Join this free webinar hosted by Board Agenda in association with our partner Diligent where we welcome a panel of experts to explore the key elements of business transformation and what it means for boards.

Chaired by Board Agenda editor Gavin Hinks, panel guests will discuss:

  • Why business transformation should be a focus for boards
  • How to assess if business transformation is required
  • The mindset and skills needed for the board to drive change
  • Responsibilities and roles of CEO, Chair and Non-Executive Directors
  • Engagement with senior management and a company’s workforce
  • How the board should manage and sustain a business transformation
  • What the markers are of a successful transformation
  • Common pitfalls to avoid, and how to build on lessons as transformation takes place


This free webinar on business transformation and the board is now available ‘on demand’ which you can access here 

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