Editors & Contributors

Collette Kirwan

Dr Collette Kirwan is a lecturer in accounting at the Quinn School of Business, UCD. She qualified as a chartered accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers where she subsequently worked as a manager in audit services. Prior to taking up her academic post at University College Dublin, Collette was a lecturer in the School of Business at Waterford Institute of Technology. In 2011, Collette was awarded the Waterford Institute of Technology Teaching Excellence Award.

Harvey Knight

Harvey Knight is a partner at law firm Withers LLP where his practice is focused on the inter-relationships between the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA); FCA and PRA-regulated individuals and their FCA and PRA-regulated businesses; and the FCA, the PRA and the law.

Chris Knowles

Chris Knowles is chief digital officer at RSM UK. He has more than 20 years’ experience as an IT consultant, is a chartered management accountant, and sits on RSM's National Leadership Team. Chris started out in IT consulting in 1997 and joined RSM in 2012 to build and lead the technology and management consulting practice. As chief digital officer, a role he took on in April 2020, Chris guides technology innovation and adoption for RSM and its clients.

Mandy Kovacs

Mandy Kovacs is a journalist writing for news agency International News Services. She writes analytical pieces on a wide variety of industrial and business sectors. She has reported on the business, fraud and money-laundering industries, as well as the food, technology, transportation, and personal-care sectors, with a particular focus on Canada.

Nirmalya Kumar

Nirmalya Kumar is a distinguished fellow at the INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, and a visiting professor of marketing at London Business School. Most recently, he became a member of the Group Executive Council of Tata Sons and strategy thought leader at the group. Nirmalya has written six books, five of which are published by Harvard Business Press: "Marketing as Strategy" (2004), "Private Label Strategy" (2007), "Value Merchants" (2007), "India’s Global Powerhouses" (2009), and "India Inside" (2012). Nirmalya is an outlier among marketing professors, having accomplished the rare feat of publishing six articles each in both the Journal of Marketing Research and the Harvard Business Review. His publications have attracted more than 8,000 citations on Google Scholar.

Jonathan Labrey

Jonathan Labrey is chief strategy officer at the IIRC, leading its global policy work, which aims to create the conditions for integrated reporting to flourish. Since joining the IIRC in March 2012, Jonathan has travelled widely and has developed a deep insight into the major trends and policy developments in corporate reporting across the world.   Jonathan has a background in government relations, policy and regulation, having headed up the public affairs and policy team at the ICAEW from 2004–10 and at the RIBA from 2000–2004. 

David Lancefield

David Lancefield is a strategist and coach who has advised more than 35 CEOs and has led 15 digital transformations. He is a contributing editor to Board Agenda and he also hosts the interview series Lancefield on the Line and publishes the email newsletter Flashes+Sparks. Lancefield was a senior partner with Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business.

Baron Laudermilk

Baron Laudermilk has six years of experience as a financial editor and journalist covering Asian banking, business and infrastructure. Working in Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong as a lead correspondent, Baron has managed the organization of prominent financial conferences, moderated key dialogues, and has written influential pieces on Asian banking that touches on everything from The Asian Financial Crises in 1998 to the liberalization of the renminbi and its impact on global finance. Baron speaks fluent English and Mandarin, and graduated from Ohio University with a BA in political science and Asian studies.

Katherine Lee

Katherine Lee is a founder of Bendon Lee, the investor relations advisers. She is a former CFO at YouGov plc, where she was instrumental in growing the business from £2m to £43m in revenues and internationalising the group. Katherine was awarded the Finance Director of the year - Growing business in 2007. She has managed investor relations from within corporates and worked in corporate finance and advisory at both PwC and Grant Thornton.

Linda Lee-Davies

Linda Lee-Davies is a senior, commercial academic and leadership specialist with a particular interest in intergenerational leadership and the impact of technology on corporate culture. Linda has extensive experience in the provision of on-site, blended and distance-learning executive training and development for a wide range of global corporate clients. She has also run and designed university MBAs for large, local, national and international mixed cohorts for over ten years and was awarded for outstanding achievement having brought essential commercial elements to academic provision and procedures. Linda has secured large corporate training contracts for accreditation for universities, including a ‘paperless’ MBA. She has also designed and validated a number of masters courses as well as provided business consultancy for a range of SMEs. Prior to that, she held a senior position with a large recruitment firm running a £10m section of their business across the UK.

Andrew Leigh

Andrew is author of 'Ethical Leadership: Creating and Sustaining an Ethical Business Culture' (Kogan Page, 2013) and writes regularly on this at www.ethical-leadership.co.uk. 

He is a joint founder of Maynard Leigh Associates whose mission is to 'Inspire Greater Impact'. The company pioneered the use of ideas from theatre in business and is now in its 26th year of trading, with many global and international clients.

Per Lekvall

Per Lekvall is a former executive director of the Swedish Corporate Governance Board and is now an associate member of the same body. Prior to this he was the head secretary of the Governmental Commission on Business Confidence and its sub-commission The Code Group, which developed the Swedish Corporate Governance Code. From 1995 until 2006 he served as CEO of the Swedish Academy of Board Directors and now chairs the international committee of this association. He is also a member of the ecoDa policy committee.