Xavier Baeten

Xavier Baeten is professor of management practices at Vlerick Business School. Xavier obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from Ghent University in 1991 and a Master in Tax Legislation and Accountancy from Vlerick Business School in 1992. In 2006 he established the Executive Remuneration Research Centre. Today he heads up the Vlerick Reward Centre, which has long-term collaborations with more than 40 firms that participate regularly in the centre’s workshops and take part in its research. Xavier is an independent member of various remuneration committees and teaches the course on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility in the MBAs.

Latest Articles by Xavier Baeten

  1. Pay inequality, remuneration, executive pay, performance pay, executive rewards

    22 February, 2018

    Why modesty is king when it comes to CEO remuneration

    While executive pay may be perceived by many to be about scale, new research finds that less may well be more; indeed, the best-performing companies have been found to pay their CEOs relatively less than others.