Will Harvey

Will Harvey is professor of management and associate dean of research at the University of Exeter Business School. He is chair of the board of Libraries Unlimited. Will researches on reputation, talent management and leadership within organisations. He has researched and worked in a variety of sectors, including consulting, defence, education, energy, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and retail.

Latest Articles by Will Harvey

  1. head bookcase

    14 May, 2020

    Balancing the books: the challenges of chairing a library charity

    There are no easy solutions to balancing the needs of stakeholders, but having a board where tough issues are raised and debated is crucial to success.

  1. businessman in a maze

    8 July, 2020

    How we formed a strategy—and then adapted it to a global pandemic

    Making strategy is a process that can generate friction—and can also be a positive force to help an organisation adapt and respond to unexpected events.

  1. Misconduct or ethical lapses are more lekly when people are under stress

    3 August, 2020

    How the impact of Covid-19 could cause an epidemic of misconduct

    The risk of professional misconduct and ethical lapses increases in stressful situations. Organisations should be aware of the contributing factors.