Tracy Gordon

Tracy Gordon is director, Deloitte UK Centre for Corporate Governance. She specialises in corporate governance matters and regularly presents to clients on the latest governance and corporate reporting developments at the Deloitte Academy, plus one-to-one with client boards and audit committees. Tracy is the author of Deloitte’s series of governance publications 'Governance in brief' and 'On the board agenda'. She also undertakes benchmarking exercises for many companies keen to meet current standards for best practice and bespoke training for board members new to the UK governance framework or needing a refresher on the requirements.

Latest Articles by Tracy Gordon

  1. box ticking, board performance evaluation

    5 December, 2019

    Board performance evaluation: ticking a box or making a difference?

    With boards facing increasingly complex issues such as technology disruption and climate change, it is vital that board performance evaluations keep pace.