Tracey Groves

Tracey Groves has more than 30 years’ experience in DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), corporate governance, ethical conduct and behaviours, regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and culture change. She counsels leaders of complex, global organisations on environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies that accelerate growth and innovation, drive ethical conduct and inclusive cultures, and unlock responsible business performance. A TEDx speaker, media commentator and author and panellist, Tracey is also founder and CEO of award-winning consultancy Intelligent Ethics, which specialises in ethical business conduct, business transformation and inclusive leadership, including culture change interventions and behavioural frameworks. Tracey has been recognised for her work in diversity, equity and inclusion through many awards including Women in Business Champion, Grant Thornton International, 2019, Financial Times /HERoes Women in Business Role Model: Outstanding 100 Female Executives, 2019 and 2018, and she was named as one of the top 16 advisors in the UK’s “Most Powerful Women in the City” list, City AM, 2015.

Latest Articles by Tracey Groves

  1. integrity and internal controls

    24 October, 2022

    Integrity as a means of internal control

    Harnessing the power of integrity will improve the decisions taken by everyone in your organisation, and can lead to rapid culture change.

  1. diversity and inclusion

    12 September, 2022

    Why D&I should top the board agenda

    If diversity and inclusion (D&I) is not the first item on your post-holiday to-do list, then now is a good time to reflect and ask why.