Tom Gosling

Tom Gosling is an executive fellow in the Department of Finance at London Business School where he contributes to the evidence-based practice of responsible business by connecting academic research, public policy, and corporate action. He works with the Centre for Corporate Governance and the Leadership Institute at LBS.

Latest Articles by Tom Gosling

  1. ESG debate

    8 August, 2022

    The ESG debate needs to be more nuanced

    The issues boards face are rarely straightforward, and ESG is no exception. It is time to drop the absolutist approach.

  1. Pay ESG

    15 July, 2022

    Paying for sustainable performance

    How do you align ESG and value? Linking incentives to ESG targets needs focus, empowerment and co-ordination, recent research finds.

  1. scrap ESG

    28 October, 2021

    Executive pay—buying virtue

    There is unstoppable momentum behind linking executive pay to ESG targets. That’s not all good news.