Stuart MacKenzie

Stuart is managing director of Maynard Leigh Associates. He provides consultation on behavioural change as well designing and delivering workshops in communication, leadership, creativity, change and team working. Stuart also has a background in the performing arts, working in film, theatre and TV as a director, actor and writer. As a pioneer of performance coaching he brings a creative and challenging approach to help produce extraordinary results. Stuart promotes individual and corporate change, unlocking performance and creating people-centred solutions to business needs. Stuart has worked with organisations such as BP, Credit Suisse, Hewlett Packard, the Home Office and Sun MicroSystems.

Latest Articles by Stuart MacKenzie

  1. Businessman_brain_chemistry

    16 March, 2017

    Personal impact: making your presence felt in the boardroom

    It's tough facing a new boardroom full of members set in their ways. But a little knowledge about psychology, physiology, character and chemistry can go a long way to making your presence felt.