Stephanie Mooij

Stephanie is a researcher at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford. Her thesis is about identifying obstacles in the investment chain when it comes to ESG integration. She is researching why responsible investment is not more mainstream, since the business case has been proven. Her focus is on asset owners, asset managers and (portfolio) companies in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. In addition, she looks at the ESG rating and ranking industry and the reporting fatigue this causes among companies. Another paper she wrote looks at the diffusion of responsible investment among asset owners. Stephanie holds an MSc in Finance & Investments (Cum Laude and Honours) from Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

Latest Articles by Stephanie Mooij

  1. corporate reporting, ESG reporting

    15 November, 2017

    Too many ESG measures lead to reporting fatigue

    Environment, social and governance have become critical issues in the way investors judge companies, but corporates face too many ESG measures suffering from too little standardisation.

  1. Responsible investment, ESG

    14 June, 2018

    ESG: is it truly being integrated with investment decisions?

    Responsible investment is a critical step in the move towards sustainable economies. But are asset owners and managers really integrating ESG principles into their practices?

  1. ESG

    5 June, 2019

    ESG catalysts: how consumers can change corporations

    Some companies encounter obstacles to full integration of ESG principles. It may be that consumers have more power than they imagine to change corporate behaviours for the better.