Stanislav Shekshnia

Dr Stanislav Shekshnia is senior affiliate professor of entrepreneurship and family enterprise at INSEAD. He also directs the Leading from the Chair Programme. Stanislav's research concentrates on leadership, leadership development and effective governance at emerging markets and organisations. He is a senior partner at Ward Howell talent equity advisory, which has offices in Moscow, Paris, St. Petersburg, Kiev, and Alma-Aty. Stanislav also provides advice and personal coaching to business owners, senior executives and executive teams. Dr Shekshnia is the author, co-author, or editor of seven books, including "Coaching: How to Manage Free People (2010, 2013, 2015)", "The New Russian Business Leaders (2004 with M.Kets deVries, K. Korotov, E. Florent-Treacy), "Corporate Governance in Russia" (2004, edit. with S. Puffer and D. McCarthy). His articles have appeared in journals such as "The Academy of Management Executive, the "European Management Journal" and "Harvard Business Review Russia".

Latest Articles by Stanislav Shekshnia

  1. 31 August, 2017

    The three Es of effective board leadership: an INSEAD study

    A study by INSEAD of successful board chairs across countries shows how they engage, enable and encourage boards. Stanislav Shekshnia and Veronika Zagieva report on the results.

  1. board meeting

    8 September, 2017

    Board chair practices across the world: an INSEAD study

    In the second part of their global INSEAD report on successful board chairs, Stanislav Shekshnia and Veronika Zagieva compare factors such as culture, shareholder and executive relationships, and meeting preparation.

  1. athletic leaders, leadership skills, CEOs

    19 March, 2018

    Inside the minds of ‘athletic’ leaders

    CEOs who can turn turmoil into triumph have many personality traits in common with world-class athletes.

  1. CEO looking out of office window

    20 March, 2020

    Putting more women at the helm of corporate boards

    Research shows that women often outperform men in critical board-leader competencies. If only there were more female board chairs.

  1. Stressed CEO facing Covid-19 crisis

    30 June, 2020

    Leading in a crisis: Covid-era CEOs are ‘keen, tough or edgy’

    Our interviews show that many business leaders overestimate their capability to cope with stress. Here's how everyone can come out of this crisis stronger.