Richard Howitt

Richard Howitt is chief executive officer of the International Integrated Reporting Council. As such he is spearheading the adoption of Integrated Reporting globally and is a major thought-leader in international debates on good corporate governance, shifting investment to the long-term and inclusive capitalism. Prior to being appointed to the IIRC, Richard served as an elected Member of the European Parliament for more than 20 years and was rapporteur on corporate responsibility. In this capacity, he was key architect of the EU’s non-financial information directive, one of the biggest transformations in corporate disclosure anywhere in the world.

Latest Articles by richardhowitt

  1. ESG, integrated reporting, long-term thinking, long-term value

    26 April, 2017

    Long-term thinking: a key principle of 21st-century governance

    The shift to integrated reporting may not be easy, but Richard Howitt of the International Integrated Reporting Council argues that if we are to create long-term value, it is crucial to embed it as a key governance principle.

  1. climate, climate change, ice melting

    23 October, 2019

    TCFD summit confirms climate risk should be your board’s priority

    The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) has set a pathway for climate risk to become an integral part of corporate governance.