Philip Shrives

Philip Shrives is professor of accounting and corporate governance and head of the accounting and financial management department at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University. Professor Shrives became principal lecturer in 1992 and enjoyed being part of an era that fundamentally altered research capacity within the school, including completing his own PhD at University College Dublin in 2011. He helped in a number of ways to change the culture towards research while maintaining a very high standard of teaching and learning development. Philip is a chartered accountant (FCA, ICAEW) having qualified with the firm Arthur Young (now part of Ernst and Young), and is a fellow of the UK Higher Academy.

Latest Articles by Philip Shrives

  1. comply or explain, corporate governance code

    21 August, 2015

    Coded explanations

    The UK’s "comply or explain" governance code is widely hailed as a success, but the quality of explanations is open to question. Philip J. Shrives leads us on a tour of the problems.

  1. comply or explain, corporate governance code

    21 July, 2017

    Let’s keep ‘comply-or-explain’ in corporate governance burning bright

    The UK’s comply-or-explain system of corporate governance, introduced in 1992, has been widely admired and imitated, but it's not without its critics; there is room for improvement, while retaining the Code's spirit of flexibility.