Peter Swabey

Peter Swabey is policy & research director at ICSA. He is responsible for developing the profile of the Institute to members, regulators, policymakers, employers and other stakeholders by delivering thought leadership and lobbying campaigns aligned to ICSA strategy and promoting strong governance as the vital ingredient for success in organisations. Peter has 30 years’ experience of the share registration industry, gained at Lloyds TSB Registrars and subsequently Equiniti and Equiniti David Venus, amongst others.

Latest Articles by Peter Swabey

  1. Cybercrime, data protection, GDPR, cybersecurity

    23 August, 2015

    Crime fighters

    With cyber-crime hitting the headlines, it's time for tech-savvy non-executives to take note. Peter Swabey explores the big questions boards need to address.

  1. 20 January, 2017

    Bringing stakeholder comms online

    A new project has been launched to develop advice for companies to improve stakeholder communications. Peter Swabey explains why and what the objectives are.

  1. boardroom, conference, corporate governance

    24 July, 2017

    Governance: collective wisdom applied to complex uncertainty

    The ICSA's recent conference revealed that reform in the UK is unlikely to involve legislation, that company secretaries play a big role in managing boardroom tension and that governance has evolved into restoring faith in capitalism.

  1. workers on boards, employee representation

    16 January, 2019

    Dim prospects for employees on boards

    A worker representative in the boardroom is an option for companies under the UK's new, revised governance code. A survey by ICSA reveals that other options will prove more popular.

  1. boardroom

    16 August, 2019

    Company data: balancing transparency with privacy

    There have been increasing concerns that the data held at Companies House is inaccurate and that its public availability is open to misuse. A recent consultation aims to resolve these issues.