Peter Montagnon

The late Peter Montagnon was an associate director at the Institute of Business Ethics, a member of the Corporate Governance Advisory Board of Norges Bank Investment Management, and a member of the board of Hawkamah Institute, Dubai. Peter was previously senior investment adviser at the Financial Reporting Council, and director of investment affairs at the Association of British Insurers. Peter started his career as a financial journalist, including 20 years at the Financial Times where assignments included Asia editor and head of Lex.

Latest Articles by Peter Montagnon

  1. 1 May, 2016

    Agents for positive change

    Internal auditors can help support the development of a company's values. Peter Montagnon describes how they can be agents for positive change.

  1. AI, artificial intelligence

    1 March, 2019

    Ethical business in the age of AI

    Artificial intelligence is causing a revolution in business, but how should boards respond to the implications of technologies they don’t understand? The answer is to take an ethical approach and ensure human accountability.